An Introduction to Electrical Engineering (3 videos)

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  • Duration: more than 6 h

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This seminar is an introduction to the main areas of Electrical Engineering: basics, main topics, and current trends. David Burkhart (degree in  Electrical Engineering, technical writer and translator, author of books on technical English) also discusses the technical vocabulary of Electrical Engineering. He explains the meaning of major nouns, verbs and adjectives commonly found in Electrical Engineering documents.

  • Subdisciplines
  • Physical quantities
  • Types of components
  • Electronics concepts
  • Signal processing
  • Analogue – digital
  • Measurement equipment
  • How your laptop works
  • Electrical machines
    motors, inverters, converters, transformers
  • Current trends – Five emerging technologies
    • Wearables
    • LEDs
    • Cloud computing
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • All-IP
    • Bring your own device

Unified communications

Language English
Speaker David Burkhart
Duration  6:12 h
Access 180 days

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Referenten bietet dieser sein Fachbuch “Englisch für Elektrotechniker” kostenvergünstigt für 11,80 € inkl. Versand an. Bitte kontaktiert den Referenten unter unter Verweis auf ACADEMIA Webinars.

Additional information


David Burkhart is a native speaker of English. He graduated from Florida Atlantic University, in Boca Raton, Florida (U.S.A.) with degrees in education and in Electrical Engineering. He worked for Siemens and SNI as a technical writer, and taught courses on technical English at the Hochschule München. For several years, he was a self-employed technical writer and translator. He has written books on technical English, including Fachenglisch für Elektrotechniker (Richard Pflaum Verlag), Stylistic Traps in Technical English (BDÜ-Verlag) and An Introduction to Electrical Engineering, for Translators and Interpreters (BDÜ-Verlag). He was a coauthor of Electricity Milestones (Klett Verlag).


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