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Efficiency in continuing professional development: our speakers are not only highly qualified in their respective subject fields but work in language services as well, giving them unique insights in how best to apply their understanding of topics. They know exactly how it is in the daily routine of a language services specialist and can apply their distinctive subject excellence to explain clearly what requirements a translator, editor or interpreter must meet and what knowledge is required.

Dr. Lizbeth Mendoza

Dr. Lizbeth Mendoza is originally from Mexico City, where she received her M.D. from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Over the course of 20 years she has participated in different areas of Medicine including research, academics, editing and translation of medical content, bilingual medical services, professional medical interpretation, and medical interpreter’s education. She is the Director and Developer of BVCMI, a provider of Medical Interpreting Training and Educational services, where she offers continuing education for certified medical/healthcare interpreters (CMI and CCHI) as well as training for individuals who are interested in becoming certified medical interpreters. She is an active member and leader of the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA). She presents her work via live webinars, on demand webinars, on-site workshops, and conferences, including the IMIA Annual Conference and the Colorado Translators Association Annual Meetings. Dr. Mendoza’s is an advocate for professionalism and excellence in any healthcare practice, as well as of patient-centered practices, collaborative learning environments and student-centered approaches to learning.

Sameh Ragab

Sameh Ragab is an ISO 17100 lead auditor and certified translation services provider, an expert in CAT tools and terminology management, a registered translation vendor for the United Nations and the World Bank, a DTP specialist and a certified localizer. As an international speaker and trainer focusing on the technical side of translation, Sameh has over 24 years of expertise in the translation and localization industry and sets the benchmarks for quality work, with a focus on Arabic and Middle Eastern translation, localization and DTP services. Moreover, Sameh has a long history in training translators and localizers to excel using the latest CAT and terminology management tools. Sameh has given workshops and conference talks in 12 countries.

Suzanne Deliscar

Suzanne Deliscar is a Canadian lawyer-linguist and principal of the trilingual law firm Deliscar Professional Corporation. She focuses on legal and official document translation, as well as contract abstraction and e-discovery in Spanish and French. She is also the developer and presenter of over 50 webinar programs for translators and interpreters, focusing on legal translation, official document translation, and marketing. Ms. Deliscar specializes in providing legal and language services in English, Spanish and French. More information on Suzanne Deliscar can be found at her website:

Katrin Pougin

Katrin Pougin is a state-certified translator and interpreter for the Italian language as well as an authorized translator and a sworn interpreter for the Italian language in North Rhine-Westphalia. After completing her studies in Slavic languages and literature and the Italian language at the "Università degli Studi di Firenze" she remained in Italy (Florence) and worked there for 13 years as a freelance and an in-house translator. Since her return to Germany in 1993, Katrin has been translating and interpreting for manufacturing and business companies as well as for law firms and legal authorities. Her specialties include legal contracts, official court documents, annual financial statements, financial reports, regulatory documentation and commercial documents. Together with her business partner Bianca Blüchel, she founded the CPD platform ACADEMIA Webinars GbR in April 2014.

Nick Tanner

After graduating from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Modern and Mediaeval Languages, Nick Tanner worked for 25 years as a market research consultant in the UK, where he was co-owner of a research agency. He then studied for a year at the University of Surrey, was awarded an MA in Translation, and in 2012 started working as a professional freelance translator from German and Norwegian into English. He translates predominantly in the fields of marketing and journalism and has a particular interest in the food and drink market.

Ulrike Anderson

Ulrike Anderson is a translator working from German into Englisch specializing in health sciences, contract law, and automotive tech. A Minnesota native raised bilingually, her interest in translation began more than twenty years ago when learning how to embrace a life between two cultures. She pursued that interest back and forth across two continents, in part with the assistance of a Fulbright grant, and began her professional freelance career after obtaining a master’s degree in translation from Kent State University in Ohio. She currently resides in rural western Nebraska with her husband and their three dogs. Her free time is spent rehabilitating and training dogs and horses for animal rescue organizations in her area.

Bianca Blüchel

Bianca Blüchel studied English, Spanish and Translation Science at the University of Heidelberg and holds the academic degree of “Diplom-Übersetzerin” (graduate translator). She opened her own translation business in 1993, specializing in electrical engineering, measuring technology, machine and plant engineering, quality management and many other areas of business administration. She was a part-time lecturer for business English at the University of Mannheim and a part-time lecturer for translating business-related texts into German at Saarland University. Together with her business partner Katrin Pougin, she founded the CPD platform ACADEMIA Webinars GbR in April 2014.

Dr. Izabel Souza

Dr. Souza (formerly Arocha), M.Ed., CMI-Spanish, PhD. is a passionate global advocate for language access in health care, primarily for certification in all languages, national reimbursement (US), and academic educational opportunities for medical interpreters worldwide. She works as a certified interpreter (Conference, Legal, Medical, Community, Escort) and interpreter educator in several universities (Boston University, Cambridge College, Osaka University). Dr. Souza has several published articles on topics related to interpreting, intercultural mediation, and language access. Dr. Souza served as president and executive director of the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) and was responsible for launching the first national accredited medical interpreter certification program in the United States. Dr. Souza served as Secretary General for the International Federation of Translators, a federation of over a hundred associations worldwide. She continues her work as ISO liaison to the FIT Standards Committee and as an ISO and ASTM Standards Expert in interpreting and translation standards. She has received numerous awards for her work on behalf of interpreters, and provides consulting services.

Heike Holthaus

Heike Holthaus is a translator working from German into English specializing in patents and technical texts. She earned a vocational degree as a forwarding agent in her native Germany and worked in this field before taking time out from her professional life to raise her three boys. Heike moved with her family to the United States in 1995. During her years as a homeschooling mother, she established a seasonal artisanal bakery in her home, which she ran until 2012. In 2003, she joined the management team of an import start-up, where she led the negotiations with the German manufacturer of the goods the company sought to import and translated all relevant information for the other board members. Heike received her Certificate in Translation from World Language Services, Dublin, with special merit in 2012. She has since developed her specialty in patent and technical translations through independent study and frequent participation in webinars and seminars. In November 2016, Heike completed an online course offered by Kennametal and is now a Certified Metalcutting Professional (CMP).

Dr. C. Feldmann-Leben

Dr. Christiane Feldmann-Leben studied Chemistry in Bonn, Germany, with specializations in electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry and solid-state/materials chemistry. After having completed her PhD-thesis, she added several semesters of Translation Studies with a focus on Japanese and French. In 2001, she went into business as a freelance translator for Japanese, English and French, focussing on topics relating to chemistry, materials sciences, pharmacy and medicine.

Andrew Starr

After graduating from the University of Portsmouth with a degree in French Studies with German and a PGCE teaching qualification in Modern Foreign Languages, Andrew Starr worked for 20 years in State Education in Southern England, teaching French, German and Italian. He also trained other language teachers embarking on their careers with the Universities of Portsmouth and Chichester. In addition, he taught teachers to deliver NVQ assessments in Modern Foreign Languages. On completing 20 years in teaching, he decided on a career change and undertook a Master’s Degree in Translation Studies at the University of Portsmouth completing in 2015. He began working as a freelance translator from French and German into English. He translates predominantly in the fields of tourism and historical research and has a particular interest in promotional materials for tourist sites.

Andrew Morris

Andrew Morris is a translator, writer, teacher and community manager. While studying French and German at Oxford, he had the misfortune to meet a persuasive (non-translator) linguist who assured him translation was a dead-end option. And so for 20 years he devoted himself instead to language teaching and freelance teacher training during long and short-term stays in over 30 countries. But when in 2009 a series of chance (?) life events dictated it was time for a major change, he finally realised the error of his ways. He’s been making up for lost time ever since. As a translator and trainer, he is fascinated by the extent to which people fulfil their potential (or not), and what helps or hinders us in doing so, based on the belief that just about everyone can do, have and be more, if they only open their eyes.

Eve Lindemuth Bodeux

Eve Lindemuth Bodeux has over 20 years of experience in the translation industry, working with clients, vendors, and colleagues worldwide. She translates from French into English and also provides project management services. A co-host of the Speaking of Translation podcast, she is the author of the book Maintaining Your Second Language. She has graduate degrees from the Université de Nancy II in France and the University of Virginia. She served as the Vice President of the Colorado Translators Association (CTA) for four years and is currently the Administrator of ATA’s French Language Division.

Andrea Garfield-Barkworth

Andrea Garfield-Barkworth first discovered her passion for languages at the tender age of seven after encountering the revolutionary language-learning concept introduced by her primary school. Fast-forwarding 13 years, Andrea uprooted herself from her native England to live and breathe the rich cultural experience that is Germany. After working as a bilingual secretary for a pharmaceutical research company in the Munich area, she continued working for them as a translator after moving to Hamburg with her family. Having recognised the importance of learning a language at an early age, Andrea taught English to Kindergarten kids and schoolchildren and also offered coaching sessions to adults. In 2008, she decided to flex her translating wings fully, branching out to include fashion, tourism and the food and beverage industry in her portfolio.